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Advantages of a Fresh Produce Market Agent

The Electronic Way
1.Send your produce with a detailed consignment note The Fresh Produce Agent System serves as a transparent price discovery mechanism for both the producer and the buyer

The system guarantees payment to the producer for their products through the Fidelity Fund which is managed by the Agriculture Produce Agents Council. The Council regulates the way agents conduct business.

Legislation determines that producers should be paid within 5 days after the products has been sold, therefor payment is done promptly which in turn is beneficial for cash flow.

There is no need for producers to engage in the cumbersome and complicated trade terms of chain store and wholesalers for example: payment after 30 days, returns, fines etc.

Agents serve as a central marketing system for all producers, which reduces costs and input on the producers side. Each producer doesn’t have to develop his own marketing system .

Agents sells the entire product basket, from the best to less good. All producers are able to offer their product to all the market segments, from the hawker to the biggest buyer.

There is no barrier to entry for any buyer segments, big or small. As everyone has equal access to the same quality and quantities as needed.

Producers are able to physically measure up there products against other producers on the market floor. 9.Producers has in-time marketing intelligence through their agents in regards to market conditions.

The agent stands in a trust relationship with the producer, which leads to effective representation of the producer at the sales point.

The agents are in the position to promptly give feedback to producers regarding the changes in the market needs, for example: packaging, consumer trends, product advice, etc.
* Prices on loads are confirmed before the loads are unloaded
* Price discovery mechanism of agent system is reserved
* Cheaper transaction costs (up to 5% cheaper than local markets) - less infrastructure and commissions
* Shorter chain - less handling & better quality management & shelf life
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